A Cold Surrender

crow angle

Congregate and listen

to stories of the cold.

Visible as a mist

in the vacant bliss of night

neighborhoods frozen

in the moon’s reflection,

everywhere in an amphitheatre

of tangible manhole steam.

A vision of you,

obscured like a dream,

a long angle shot

of streetlight shifting boulevards

with hands in the pockets,

faceless and scarved

in a taxi conduit of coughing tailpipes.

Can these stories be revealed in a moment’s warmth?

Or shivering in a naked decision?

You’ll be fumbling for words

in cafe sanctuary,

mourning this lack of precision,

needing the cover of each other

to complete the prowling exposition

of illuminated apartment buildings.

Bitter’s the taste of victory over apathy, idleness,

the awareness that the cold will call you out

to once again witness

ice on the tongue of its expanse.

Precious this silent gallery of crows,

with mythical angles,

they are black and white photos

gliding over rooftops of snow.

The red brick is underneath a city sealed

the sky

in a thick grey bearded storm

confronting the winter-borne hangman trees.

The leaf’s journey left them bare

but the environs solidified you there

for the time being…

dangling like so many icicles

from the windows of memory.

A feeling of home,

the reeling shadows that roam

to the corners

revealing the echoes

of a foundation that has grown.

Listen, it is still moving

to position itself

under a solitary world.

It is still covering the pages

of an unbounded sky

stretched like a skin,

 a film over the eye’s

impressionable myriad shades

of water finding coves,

finding beauty in the cold’s expressions,

of their migrant habits what can be told?

In their rituals of ebb and flow?

You found yourself long ago

washed up on an island that tendrils

with the tender thrills

of endless skin to borrow.

This is how you’ll continue

to crawl and surrender to

this unpredictable weather

that ushers in the future.



5 thoughts on “A Cold Surrender

  1. Adam Hughes says:

    Beautiful poem,I will click like. But My computer doesn’t seem to be loading the ‘like’ button today.

  2. Villy says:

    Great Dom, very nice, Happy New Year. I read your blog as much as I can, but always follows it. I just never commented before. keep it up

    • domtakis says:

      Thanks Villy! Good to know you’re still out there. My goal for the new year is to continue to try to post something once a week, this is a good medium for me. Happy New Year!

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