Travelling Companion

Rain clouds 4

For this travelling companion,

this confidant, incorrigible sibling,

I’ll be the soldier

who fights for non-existent things.

For causes unknown,

effects overblown,

in the rubble where I was thrown

in sorrow

in pleasure

the writing on the wall like a plucked feather

fall together

in the pages of each other

until the memory of movement is dead.
This mouth, fed

one last image before

sleep’s forgetfulness.

She is drawing under the light

of a paper lantern.

The ink is dark like her hair,

wet strands on parchment paper,

if only to form the cryptic letter

that wasn’t to me or anyone else.

She turns towards herself,

the time when the city is engulfed in quiet

and the music is a memory

long gone

into the brain,

shrug off the silence in vain,

tomorrow she’ll be dreaming

as I’m leaving

without a lock or a key

to her thoughts,

a strand of her hair

to keep close in my tangled corridors.

In my reading of her, in my routine stir of the surface,

lest we’ve become stagnant seaweed between

the motion of what we’ve shared.
An ocean for the abandoned there

and you are not alone

I keep telling myself,

this is why you are there for her.

When the sky’s wide rainclouds cover and color

all that proceeded under,

motherless and prone,

huddle together,

the lantern in the darkest of weather

is that you are not alone.


7 thoughts on “Travelling Companion

  1. nicktakis2012 says:

    Dom you are strong to be able to handle the sorrow she carries. you have so much love.She is very lucky to have you with her – as we all are lucky to have you in our lives. love , mom

    Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 21:01:33 +0000 To:

    • domtakis says:

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment Ma, I am lucky and blessed to have some special people in my life. If I could live this journey over again I would, no regrets.

  2. claudia says:

    being the soldier who fights the non existant things…She is drawing under the light of a paper the images…

  3. luranabrown says:

    “rubble…paper lantern…tangled corridors…seaweed”….All of your images are so evocative. I love your writing. ~Lurana

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