Like an Unwanted Skin


In transit again.

The wind picks me up

when no one else would.

No longer entrenched,

it has me intrigued

as it rolls through the trees

innocent and irresistible

like the sudden scent of intimacy

in the passing rain

rustling the curtains on the windowpane.

Everywhere there is movement

moments mesh with memory

exposes the flesh left hidden away.

In waysides of this attraction,

lodged in liminality

exiled from the distraction

the non stop neon notions of progress.

This line of thinking

invades the frame of your perfect sketch

grasped with a stretch

soon to be replaced

as it is pulled away

like an unwanted skin

I can no longer take comfort in

this exhibition

its layers transparent and thin

swept away for a clearer vision.

See the tip of the insence stick

amongst the smoke,

slow lava flowing pictures

forming until the clouds broke.

Fallen suns illuminate leaf walls

shot through with veins

like highways in the wilting light.

When highways appear neverending,

I’ll meditate on the next bending

the blurred and broken lines suspending

like a flickering wick lit in the void.

Suddenly, a smoky cloud covers the full moon

inviting everything to pass through

on the raft of its luminous hue,

on that map you read of immortality,

an interlacing of all the destinations

the imagination could accrue.


3 thoughts on “Like an Unwanted Skin

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Flicked through more and more of your poems.. Words flow so beautifully. I have noticed a tendency for movement, travels, journeys and flights… It speaks to me and I enjoyed this immensely!

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