Somewhere Swallowed


A Stranger here.

Growing out of strangled remains.

Once native, now hybrid

alien and abominable

almost beautiful.

A living sculpture of contorted bodies

camoflaged and hidden

amongst the thicket.

Some believe spirits descend it,

through limbs burrowing

as if legs dangling

longing to re-root

in some deep mystery

characterized by swaying,

transformed from out of the decaying

transposition by angels,

arms praying to the sky.

Absorbed in time,

in the scrutiny of its shade,

sedentary and watchful portal

causing slight shudders of uneasiness

to this passerby, unable to resist

 feeling there is more

than the eye and the mind

can entwine together.

It’s best not to confirm with a second glance,

that which should not be there,

that which compels you to penetrate deep.

From roads to unpaved paths

unmarked trails into the lapse on maps.

Going with a combination

of curiosity and apprehension

into a lush invisibility.

Confronted by vine

 too vague for fear,

a danger with no identity.

Something seizes your senses.

The path grows smaller

the strain to follow

the last vestige of order,

all straight thinking

is drowned out by the deafening stream

of sinking into it lost.

You’ve slowed,

steps more difficult,

all is obscured

by the green forgotten greeting

to the unseen shapes

of the unexpected,

shivering through

the unfamiliar setting

of somehow audible breathing.

Heartbeats betray your position

to eyes seemingly everywhere.

Everything within you freezes

as curiosity squeezes

through the banyan’s limbs

to mount fear and go where

the jungle resumes its

untrampled and unkempt conquering

of all around it.

The jungle,

capable of anything imaginable

and going beyond it.


The imprint remains visible

in the hillside, a recess,

 a seizmic crack

like a wound that is as fresh

as a sudden flashback,

like trampled grass

this landscape is

deformed and precious.

Left with a probing, 

  a seeking of direction,

resolution, solid safety.

No bandage can cover

the unspeakable remnants

scratched from an immeasurable darkness.

There is a pitiful light

in the valley of ink,

a jaw sinking its teeth

into TI leaves

meant to ward off evil.

Drawn on

Breaking that barrier.

Not knowing where to step,

how to stop?

A worm on a knife’s edge,

haven’t we all been there?

Alone and wandering

on the far side of the rail.

Did they ever fail to find you?

Out there somewhere swallowed.



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