Without Landmarks

image 3


like the night,

is never still or silent.

Its maneuvers shadow the palm fan,

quivering like a stray

that ran from underbrush

and into the corners of sight.

A brief foray into the light,

these myriad expressions pressed in parchment,

addressed to willing ears,

descending spiral stairs

to grope without landmarks.

Wandering alone, is that signal

flashing in the distance

enough to guide or provide relief?

Or is it only the heat lightning

of brief enlightening?


what has this to do with redemption?

Words from out of the past,

resurfaced, reused,

infused with new imagery

that burst like a capillary

from out of tired wrists.

All education is dying slowly.

worming through sentences,

towards another border

with nothing to declare.

So close to home,

this place will be your undoing.

Stitch by stitch,

this furtive fabric of fingers roaming

over the secrets you kept to yourself,

in nights of torn confetti

bursting from out of dreams.

Words like slow daze shadows

tightrope across tree limbs,

nothing to cling to but much to uncover

in the swaying fabric it follows.

Dreams at their most palpable,

invisible during the day,

now hold silent sway in dark dominion.

Like a fruit that blooms in the last layer of night,

cycles of thought re-emerge

to form just below the surface of an urge

to keep from drowning, words buoyant

in night seemingly endless and without morning.

Osiris in obsidian silences

sizes up another descent.

The pen points below

with words beginning to decay

as they travel downward

and further away from the source.

They have perfected the art of subtle entry.

Transformation and then dissipation beneath the surface

to caress expressions of profound wetness and silence.

Projecting notes over the sheer inevitability of cliffs,

those endless horizons to dream on,

the tranquility of moons on surfaces to gleam on,

to unwind crystalline spools

of ocean jewels

loosened but not grasped,

you choose this place to unravel at last.


5 thoughts on “Without Landmarks

  1. Awesome exploration of the creative challenge.

  2. Simona says:

    LOVELY EVENING smiles 🙂

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    “resurfaces, reused, infused” – I liked that flow very much.

    Great poem 🙂

    • domtakis says:

      Thank you for your comment and compliment! Glad you picked up on the flow, I think ideally these poems are meant to be read out loud so that element can come out more readily.

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