The sun and sea comingling

with sand and thoughts

that sweat into words

running off of the skin

like beads that begin

to evaporate in the heat.

Words repeat

clinging to the mind

like a tangle of vines

on the decrepit walls of a decaying palazzo.

The ocean fills the spaces between passages

and you go down,

not quite damaged but exposed

in that precarious spot

between restless pursuit and painful waiting.

Pens heavying for a vital point,

compulsively clouded in inky residue,

it is dipped again to anoint the end,

recording a passage in time.

Talk gets swallowed by the quiet forms,

now dry and windswept words

parched in the longing for rain.

Questions arise to be kept in the silence of wards,

starched white inhabitants, restless and insane,

have you moving this instrument again and again.

Like the snail’s trail that glistens over the fragile leaf,

the pen moves like a thief over delicate pages.

This subtle movement, persistant,

takes hold of eternity.

Carrying it for awhile,

it goes unbroken,

if only by thought and daylight,

words fill the empty spaces

once occupied by love.

It forms devotion,

holding up this crumbling land

once was an ocean.

It’s flow had no obstruction,

against it rock merely rested,

there was nowhere it was not,

all was invested.

Down by its edges,

passive, pensive,

up above the wellspring of words.

That through the ages

have become sunken,

calling out for inspiration,

while you rendezvous with vacancy.

Secrets may be revealed,

one passage at a time.

Over rock walls

down stairways,

one salty luminous rhyme.

The hidden coves of coral inlets

hide myriad beaches

to leave temporary footprints.

The cool dive in the morning mist

pulls out a beating heart

dripping from your fist

and though waves constantly besiege,

Shangri-La won’t resist.

The sea revealing its mystery,

on the underbelly

the scars of its history

that will continue to endure.


2 thoughts on “Passages

  1. These are great words and thoughts. Though I can’t write poetry due to everything coming in dreams or inspirational I can connect inwardly as I read through these lovely words. Thanks for liking my Eastern Trip for Jim/Others. The sea can be kind and cruel like us humans! I use the sea and sky a lot as we take them so much for granted. I love this one.

  2. domtakis says:

    Thank you for your comment. Yes the sea here in Hawaii is a dangerous beauty, it lures you in, seductive but unforgiving. Still always a source of inspiration. Nice to connect.

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