Poem to a Lover Now Lost

Poem to a lover now lost.

I travelled and I rested,

believing in the makeshift and the new.

All the miles I invested,

yet empty through and through.

I woke up under skyways

sweeping the debris of stars away

beginning again, renewed.

But you won’t be there

for to be there

was eating you.

All the travel we unravelled

only brought us slow decay.

For we figeted and fought it,

this inevitable absorbing

we could never pursue.

We would place our props

along the blurred periphery

of our undefined threshold,

to breathe a sigh of relief

and let the other be thief

to the treasures no one else sees.

Let me arrange the neons on wet streets,

derange the arabesques

with spinning wheels

like film reels repeatedly watched,

this poem to a lover now lost

in revolutions.

These marquees mark me as an easy target.

Distraction requires action

to appease the restless confinement

glossed over with comfort.

I’ve yet to see the resemblance

in all these fleeting reflections

but know enough of illusions

to realize these are wistful impressions

of some nostalgic origin

that has reached the end of the line.

Irretrievable for a time in the leaving,

limbs lose their form

in forlorn distances

of cold tracks and cracked sunsets.

The skin of the abyss

that wandering seems to fit you with

may take awhile to shake off,

the luster of a poem to a lover now lost

behind the glass of terminals

this relationship was never terminal

but full or port and archway

full of embrace and pushing away

emnity erased for a time but the scars stay

the way a bed can be empty but a scent will betray

the other’s form, still felt

even after we would stray

into chasing our own myth

along the edges of this fading passion play.


9 thoughts on “Poem to a Lover Now Lost

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Haunting and beautiful.

  2. nicktakis2012 says:

    love it Dom… fantastic poem the feeling of holding on to something we believe in our minds , illusions of something that has reached the end of the line… is this true? … I read alot into this in your own personal journey as I think I know your struggle somewhat.. Great poem thanks Dom Love mom

    Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 04:05:27 +0000 To: nicktakis@hotmail.com

    • domtakis says:

      Sometimes the illusion is in how we idealize the past, things may have been innocent and exuberant but it does not mean there was not struggle. This writing certainly came about in dealing with change and trying to hold on, I was at a crossroads rather than at an ending.

  3. nicktakis2012 says:

    awesome dom. are you listening to ‘blonde redhead’ when you write

  4. Takes a while to absorb this one. Still trying to make connections. Which makes it worthy, of course. 🙂

  5. blueangelwolf says:

    Oh yes, the see-saw of change and holding on……..well expressed in this poem! Love your work!

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