Notes on a Leaving

Notes on a leaving

no longer difficult but finding

those winding highways

that snake through your past

like a colorful yarn or an exquisite fabric.

It is the one thing that went astray

but never came apart from you.

In the interim, the time between journies,

between glances in the moonlit canopied dark

that pries lover from each other,

the melancholy amused your desire

to celebrate distance.

Lost in the silence of its resonance,

tossed and growing stagnant, your residence

in one place for too long,

you are awoken finally by the ringing of distant bells

aware that it is time to move on.

Notes on a leaving

no longer difficult but easy weaving

and dreamlike floating along familiar motions.

Glaze over the automatic lives

lined like tin soldiers in the crystal gaze.

You’ve gone far off and following

wind throwing everything up,

turning the settled over,

passing the liminal spaces,

taking nothing with it and nothing for granted.

Suffering goodbyes

voices whispering “where are you going?”

Into the pale shadows of mountains

beyond the frail gallows of shelter,

the burning scents, familiar and unbearable,

so you trade them for woodsmoke

in the momentary passing of farms.

You trade them for motion,

solitary will and illusion

concocted out of the air

where another flight of fancy

is familiar but full of mystery.

All that false security

like felt pieces increasing the ante

of what you’ll leave behind.

Notes on a leaving

no longer difficult but like receiving

the tunes of a pained instrument’s melancholy,

one assumes from the cracked voice at the exit gate

that words are no longer necessary.


4 thoughts on “Notes on a Leaving

  1. Sue says:

    Dom, Really powerful -great imagery – like ” wind throwing everything up , turning the settled over ” saw it – I understand where its coming from -the calling away – trying to rustle up familiar desires- from the stagnant and familiar. Great poem! sue

  2. This almost seems like many poems of 4 lines each.

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