The Midnight Science

The sky is cracked in light ruin

just beyond Ka’ena Pt.


words leap back into the ocean

clouding the tangible

crowding the foreground

with half-lit banyans

loosening shadows to sleep on the ground

to seep into the sound of the sea

the midnight science

the alchemy that transforms all this to words.

The wind will turn pages

like the last breath

in the last struggle before death

symbolically closes this chapter.

If not the one book,

it was another


the source of sudden insight

divorced, restless feet to flight

on countless journies

coast to coast to close the distance

between night breezed sighs

and the light of island moons

pressing together thighs

breaking the midnight science of silence

pierced like splinters

you pull out one by one

until all their strings were undone

and there was nothing left holding me to you.


2 thoughts on “The Midnight Science

  1. I get a feeling of suspended animation. :)M

  2. domtakis says:

    There is a feeling akin to suspended animation when I am around Banyan trees. Lots of things hang in their branches, both real and imaginary. Many believe that they are portals between this world and that of the spirit, especially at night.

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