Disposed and Irrelevant

Solitude and silence comingle

in pursuit of the elusive,

in layers of memory

that remain long after you have gone

the way the rain

stripped the paint away

like all the colors of sunset

burned bright but would not stay.

Some are soluble in rooms

where background music looms

like neon tripped out on wet pavement.

Exposed to the elements

disposed and irrelevant

like a withered fruit, the sun

falls over the cliffs of the sky and disappears.

On the last breath the sea receded

and let go of all that was no longer needed.

One gaze to become the eye

One maze to wander through

and come out alive.

Thoughts in tact and without doubt

One raised fist to defy

the great dark and desolate drought.

The fear forgotten

like the last pebble

tossed into the ocean seeking bottom.


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