Nothing moves without it

ImageTricks of light illumed billowing clouds

over volcanoes no longer dormant.

Upturned leaves like glass

shine in the glow of morning.

Black crabs attach to sea stair

and disappear with the ocean washing over.

The wind wraps shawls around your shoulder

carved into the immensity

it seems nature unfolds seats for you.

A place to rest and see

with closed eyes go under

the delicate thunder of the wave’s break

all the dark coral under the sheen of a perfect surface.

Boats and their spires

tempt the great distance Tahiti.

The desire to go with it.

The ocean, at once beautiful and violent

hissing its impenetrable discordant harmony.

Following a crest into white abstracts

the spray whispers “It is wind that moves me

but mystery that holds it all together.”

This offering of sweat and sand

sea and land

plunging over a darkened reef,

Orpheus chose death,

exile, unlit and expelled

in the motion of black waters

between a swath of sunlight

canoes appear to break the surf

tiny apparitions bobbing with spray,

stay with me through the waking life

and in the dreamtime

this water curling overhead

nothing moves without it.


2 thoughts on “Nothing moves without it

  1. nick says:

    dom, got great visuals from your sentences, can tell you really love the sea and find large amounts of stimulus there. awesome. dad

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