Clouds are Veils

Something as light as a tiny flame

balancing on top of a candle.

Something as languid as a leaf

falling from the heights of canopied trees.

Something vagrant like the breeze

advancing from misty peaks

dancing across the road it speaks

of all that green borders cannot hold of the mystery.

With a new lease on the sky

drifting by in myriad forms

of makeshift places to hide

thoughts that walk like unsheathed velvet.

Its more akin to pulling a smooth sheet back.

Felt? Yes forgotten, in foreign places

It is formed from the umbilical worm

of a forbidden fruit

or in the rotten contours of pursuit.

We’re here suspended like puppets

filling the spaces with questions

with words like failing limbs

hung up on awkward silences.

All these disparate lives

interlocked with meaningful overlapping

with minimal effort

they make room for what’s binding.

Preserve these strands of affection

observe these hands of correction

soaked in a certain sunlight

glistening that which is hidden

a small insignificant footprint

follows these expressions

governed by the movement of waves

these clouds are veils of the same fabric

dividing our lives

and when the flimsy raft wears thin

domesticated and imprisoned

through small drifts you remain renewed

if ultimately unprepared to sever yourself

from shore for too long.


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